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The best quotes from Firestarter (1984). Add more and vote on your favourites! Movies like: Firestarter. Find out more recommended movies with our spot-on movies app. Firestarter is a 1984 American science fiction horror film based on Stephen King's 1980 novel Firestarter. The plot concerns a young girl who develops pyrokinesis and. Firestarter is based on a bone-chilling novel by Steven King. Drew Barrymore plays Charlie McGee the young daughter of Andrew (David Keith) and Vicky (Heather. "Firestarter" contains a little girl who can start fires with her As youths, Andy McGee (David Keith) and his future wife, Vicky (Heather Locklear), participated in secret experiments, allowing themselv... John Russell in The Changeling (1980) Barney Caine in The Formula (1980) General Harlan Bache in Taps (1981) John Rainbird in Firestarter (1984) Kinderman in The Exorcist III (1990), and The Exorcist III: Legion (2016) Lizabeth Scott (1922–2015) Jane Palmer in Too Late for Tears (1949) Ivy Hotchkiss in You Came Along (1945) Firestarter is the story of Andrew and Charlie McGee, a father-daughter pair on the run from a government agency known as The Shop. During his college years, Andy hadparticipated in a Shop experiment dealing with "Lot 6", a drug with hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD. The drug gave his future wife, Victoria Tomlinson, minor telepathic abilities, and him an autohypnotic mind domination

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